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Rochester Quadrajet Needle & Seat Assemblies

Removal & Installation:

Remove airhorn casting from main body casting. Remove airhorn/bowl cover gasket. Note positioning of needle and seat attachment clip to the float, you will want to re-position the new needle clip in the same manner when you re-install the float assembly. Remove the primary power piston assembly. Remove the float assembly. Using a wide flat blade screwdriver that’s fits snugly in the fuel inlet seat slot, remove the seat by un-screwing counter-clockwise. Be sure to remove old gasket. Install the new fuel inlet seat and gasket, being sure not to cross thread the seat. Install the float, with the new needle clipped on as before, or you can remove the wire clip on the needle and just drop the needle into the seat. Then install the primary power piston assembly. There should be a spring at the bottom of the power piston bore, ensure that the spring is in place. Lower the power valve in the bore and carefully guide the primary metering rods into the primary jets. This procedure can be tricky and may take a few tries. Once primary metering rods are positioned in the main jets and the power piston is in the down position, press the plastic retainer into the top of the power piston bore to retain the power valve assembly. Press down on the power valve assembly to verify that the valve travels up and down smoothly.