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Accelerator Pump- "Garter Spring" Cup, 21/32", Ethanol Resistant


Finest Quadrajet accelerator pump cup available. This heavy duty 21/32" accelerator pump cup is resistant to the ethanol / alcohol found in today's gasoline. Easy to change. Great for both stock and performance Rochester carburetors. Correct your accelerator pump cup problems with this new heavy duty pump cup.  For use on both Garter-spring style and Long-cup style accelerator pumps.

There are several manufacturers of Quadrajet "ethanol resistant" pump cups and they are not created equal.  Get the BEST, get your Made in the USA accelerator pump cups from  

Rochester Quadrajet
Rochester 2G's (with small bore)
Rochester Dual-Jet 2MC, 2ME, E2MC, E2ME, M2MC, M2ME
Rochester Varajet 2SE, E2SE
Rochester Monojet M, MV, 1ME, 1MV
Rochester B, BC, BV

For more information regarding the various styles of Rochester Quadrajet accelerator pump styles review the Accelerator Pump article.  

Instructions when replacing Rochester accelerator pumps:
It is very important that the accelerator pump bore is completely smooth. Today's fuels with ethanol have less lubrication and demand super smooth pump bore surfaces. Polish pump bore with crocus cloth as required. Rough pump bore surfaces will cause pump cup to stick to bore and tear or dislodge from plunger assembly.
Do not allow carburetor cleaner come in contact with pump assembly.
Coat outer edges of pump cup with a light coating of grease, if pump bore is not submerged in fuel.
Long term vehicle storage:
If vehicle is dormant and fuel bowl is allowed to go dry, pump cup has a much higher chance of sticking to pump bore. If bowl has run dry, fill fuel bowl with fuel before pumping accelerator pump assembly.

Additional recommended items:
Replacing the accelerator pump requires the removal of the air horn/bowl cover, it's always a good idea to have an extra set of air horn/bowl cover gaskets on hand to replace a ripped or worn gasket.

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