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How to Buy a Carb Kit

Finding the correct carb rebuild kit is very important to ensure that your carburetor runs correctly, the first time.  Spending a little time now researching your carburetor will help you get the correct kit.

Common carburetor confusion:

Not All Rochester 4bbls are Quadrajets-  Rochester also produced a  4-Jet Carburetor up till 1966.  The 4-Jet is completely different than any Quadrajet. 

 Rochester or Carter Quadrajet-  Both Rochester Products and Carter produced the Quadrajet carburetor.  Most Quadrajet carburetors were produced by Rochester Products but back in the late 1960's, Rochester Products could not produce enough Quadrajet carburetors to keep up with General Motors demand.  So GM went to Carter and had them also make Quadrajet carburetors for GM.  It doesn't matter if the Quadrajet was produced by Rochester or Carter, they are the same carburetor and use the exact same parts.  If you need parts for a Carter Quadrajet, look under the Rochester Quadrajet category.

"I have a Quadrajet, send me a rebuild kit." - We carry over 25 different kits just for the Quadrajet model carburetor, there is NO universal kit.  To have your carb run correctly, you must start with the correct kit.  This also applies to most any other carburetor brand (Carter, Holley, Motorcraft)


3 ways to identify and purchase a carburetor rebuild kit:


1- Carburetor number-

   Using your carburetor number is the BEST way to get the proper carb kit.  99.9% of all carburetors have an identification number located on the carburetor.  Some numbers are stamped directly into the carburetor, others used a tag attached to one of the carb body screws.  Many carburetors can have multiple numbers (casting numbers, plant ID and date codes).  If you need help finding the location of your carb number, visit our  Carburetor Tech Info Section carburetor tech info section for information and illustrations to help you find the location of your carburetor number.  When you have located the correct carburetor number, enter it in our search box (located on top left of every page) and your correct kit will be displayed, along with other carburetor parts that we know will fit your specific carb number.  
Note1: Some carburetors were stamped for marine applications and have a different carb number format that may contain a dash.  Sometimes it helps to search with and without the dash and sometimes it can help to only search for a partial number as some carburetor numbers could have a "A" or "B" suffix, so searching for partial numbers may lead you to additional information.  
Note2: Early Rochester carburetors may have the first 2 digits (usually "70") omitted from the factory ID stamping.  I don't know why they did this, but its not un
common with early Quadrajets.  
GM Holden Ltd is an Australian automobile that used Rochester Quadrajet 4bbl carburetors.  Unfortunately we do not have any reference materials with Holden information, so your Holden carb number will show up as not found on our website.  You will have to use method #3 to ID your correct kit.


2- Carburetor application-

  This is how many of our competitors will sell you a rebuild kit. For example, purchasing a carburetor kit for a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a 350 4bbl MAY of worked OK back in 1975, but what are the chances after 40+ years, that the car still has the original carburetor?  Unless your the original owner there is no way to be sure. Original carbs were commonly exchanged for "rebuilt" units or swapped with a carb from a junk yard when a mechanic couldn't fix the problem. There is a lot of information on the internet to help you determine a vehicles original carburetor number. Don’t try and use the original number to order your kit, if you have a different number carburetor on the engine.


 3- No carb number found-

 This is a difficult, but not impossible situation. Some carburetors never had a carb number, others had their original carburetor number ground off and restamped with a re-builders number and many used a metal tag that was discarded during a prior rebuild.  If you can't find the carburetor number it will take a bit more work to pick out a kit.  We recommend that you disassemble your carburetor and match up your old gaskets with the detailed photos on our website of the gaskets included in our rebuild kits. (All our kits have clear detailed pictures showing all gaskets used in that kit).  First identify the manufacturer of the carburetor (ie Rochester, Holley, Carter, Ford/Motorcraft) then determine what carb model it is (ie Quadrajet or 4-Jet).  Second we recommended that you start with the bowl cover/air horn gasket and identify which kits match that gasket, then match up your old throttle body gasket. It is also a good idea to visually compare the needle and seat, accelerator pump components and other small gaskets and seals.  Some carbs are easy, for example the Rochester B, BC, BV 1bbl carburetors  only have 2 kits available.  The identifying difference is the accelerator pump, one carb uses a flat stem pump plunger and the other a round stem. your complete Carburetor Parts Superstore!