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Quadrajet Leather Accelerator Pump Assembly, 21/32"  (Length: 2.67") 1Quadrajet Leather Accelerator Pump Assembly, 21/32"  (Length: 2.67") 2Quadrajet Leather Accelerator Pump Assembly, 21/32"  (Length: 2.67") 3Quadrajet Leather Accelerator Pump Assembly, 21/32"  (Length: 2.67") 4

Hard to find Leather, 21/32" Rochester pump assembly. Entire pump assembly is made from metal except for the leather pump cup.

Rochester Quadrajet carburetors

The following carburetor numbers originally used this length pump assembly:
7025200, 7025201, 7025220, 7025221, 7026200, 7026201, 7026202, 7026203, 7026204, 7026205, 7026210, 7027085, 7027087, 7027200, 7027201, 7027202, 7027203, 7027210, 7027211, 7027212, 7027213, 7027216, 7027218, 7028207, 7028208, 7028212, 7028213, 7028219, 7028229, 7028288, 7036200, 7036201, 7036202, 7036203, 7036204, 7036205, 7036210, 7037081, 7037083, 7037200, 7037201, 7037202, 7037203, 7037210, 7037211, 7037212, 7037213, 7037216, 7037218

Ethanol resistant metal accelerator pump plunger
Ethanol resistant leather pump cup
Duration spring
Duration spring retainer
Return Spring (Not shown in photo)

Over all length (OAL): 2.67"
Pump Bore/Cup Diameter: 21/32"
Stem Length 1" (length above from spring retainer to stem tip)

Instructions when replacing Rochester accelerator pumps:
It is very important that the accelerator pump bore is completely smooth. Today's fuels with ethanol have less lubrication and demand super smooth pump bore surfaces. Polish pump bore with crocus cloth as required. Rough pump bore surfaces may cause pump cup to stick to bore and tear.
Soak leather pump cup in transmission fluid. This will expand and soften leather cup.
Long term vehicle storage:
Drain fuel bowl and place transmission fluid on pump stem and allow fluid to drain down stem to coat leather pump cup.

Additional recommended items:
Replacing the accelerator pump requires the removal of the air horn, it's always a good idea to have an extra set of air horn gaskets on hand to replace a ripped or worn gasket.

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