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Quadrajet Rebuild Kit (Marine) 4016

Quadrajet's marine carburetor rebuild kit is updated for use with today's common pump gasoline that contains ethanol, helping to keep your boat motoring on!

Opened kits are not returnable.

Marine Q-Jet rebuild kit contains the following parts:
Flange gaskets
Base gaskets
Airhorn gasket
Carb to Air cleaner gasket
Accelerator pump cup and plunger stem (#1010, heavy duty alcohol resistant pump cup) (Accelerator Pump Length is 2.43")
Accelerator pump check ball
Accelerator pump arm roll pin
Inlet needle and seat assembly and gasket
Fuel inlet gaskets
Assortment of clips
Illustrated instructions included

Suggested Parts:
We recommended the following additional items to complement this carburetor rebuild kit:
- Carburetor Float -
Usually float # 1402B is correct or (Go to the Quadrajet Floats page  )
- #4802 Idle Pickup Tubes -
(We highly recommend that you pull the original Idle Pickup Tubes during your rebuild to ensure carburetor passages are completely clean and idle pickup tube orifices are not blocked)
Click here to view tech article on replacing 4802. 
- #1742/1743 Secondary Metering Well Plugs -
(It's very common for the factory installed well plugs to leak down overnight causing hard/delayed starting, we recommend installing these 0-ringed well plugs and solving the problem)
Click here to view tech article on replacing 1742/1743 Secondary Well Plugs. 
- #3622 Power Piston Retaining Bushing -
Click here to view tech article on preventing bent rods. 
- #3801 Choke Pull-Off -
While we don't have a lot of documentaion on marine pull-offs, this pull-off is used for many marine applications. 

Marine Applications:
Chris-Craft (8) 305” 5.0L, 350” 5.7L, 454” 7.4L
Chrysler (8) 318” 5.2L, 360” 5.9L
Crusader (8) 350” 5.7L, 454” 7.4L # 45334
Mercury Marine (4, 6, 8) MCM 180, 190 w/224” 3.7L, MCM 185 w/229” 3.8L, MCM 205 w/262” 4.3L, MCM 502 MAG 502" 8.2L, MCM/MIE 228, 230, 250, 255, 260, 330, 340, 370, 400 w/305” 5.0L, 350”, 5.7L, 454” 7.4L # 823426A1, 1397-7539, 1397-7540, 1397-7544, 1397-8535, 1397-9723
OMC Stern Drive OMC Cobra (8) 262” 4.3L, 230, 260 w/305” 5.0L, 350” 5.7L, 454” 7.4L # 383918, 983864
Volva Penta (8) AQ225B, AQ225C, AQ225D, AQ225E, AQ225F, AQ255A, AQ255B, AQ260A, AQ260AV, AQ260B, AQ260C, AQ290A, BB225A, BB225AV, BB225B, BB225C, BB225AV, BB225B, C501A, 501/MS4A, 570/MS4A w/305” 5.0L, 350” 5.7L # 834985-4
IMPORTANT NOTE regarding application data listed:
Application data is listed for informational purposes only. For example if the application data displayed shows "PONTIAC 1967-69", This means that this kit fits SOME Pontiac applications in the years 67-69, BUT it does not mean that the kit will fit ALL Pontiac applications for the years 67-69. Do NOT purchase a carb kit based solely on application data.
Visit our How to purchase a carburetor kit article  to understand the best way to identify the correct carburetor kit.

Picture Information:
Picture showing carburetor rebuild kit components is an accurate representation of the style of gaskets you will receive. However, there may be slight differences in materials due to parts availability. These differences will not affect performance of the rebuild kit.

Not sure which rebuild kit is correct for your carburetor?
Use the "Search for your Rebuild Kit" search on the Rebuild Kits main page, just enter in your Quadrajet carburetor number.

Quadrajet marine carburetors serviced with this rebuild kit:
17057290, 17059280, 17059283, 17059285, 17059286, 17059287, 17059288, 17059289, 17059290, 17059291, 17059292, 17059293, 17059294, 17059295, 17059296, 17059298, 17080560, 17080561, 17080562, 17080563, 17080564, 17080565, 17082403, 17083515, 17083522, 17084001, 17084516, 17085013, 17086069, 17086115, 17086116, 17086117, 17089112, 1347-6492A1, 1347-7361A1, 1347-7362A1, 1347-7363A1, 1347-7364A1, 1347-7365A1, 1347-7366A1, 1347-7498A2, 1347-7498A7, 1347-814623A2, 1347-8288A1, 1347-8289A1, 1347-8290A1, 1347-8291A3, 1347-8292A4, 1347-8296A4, 1347-8588A1, 1347-9142A2, 1347-9415T, 1347-9661A3, 1347-9662A4, 1347-9863A3, 3300-8886A2, 3304-9354A2, 826359-2, 826415-2, 826442-6, 835556-2, 841047-4, 841313-0

Not sure where to find your carburetor number? Click here to read article on Carburetor Number Identification. 


Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Kit Instructions, Specifications, & How to Information:

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