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Rochester 2G Carburetor Rebuild Kit (R), Chevy 1970, Chevy/GMC Truck 1969-71, Je

Our Rochester 2G rebuild kits are updated for use with today's common pump gasoline that contains alcohol.

Rochester 2G rebuild kits contain the parts and gaskets needed to tune up your carburetor.
Flange gasket
Throttle Body gasket
Bowl Cover gasket
Venturi Cluster gasket
Idle Compensator gasket
Choke Housing gasket
Accelerator Pump Assembly (alcohol resistant)
Accelerator Pump Check Balls
Inlet needle and seat assembly and gasket
Fuel inlet gasket
Leather Throttle Shaft seal
Float height setting tool
Assortment of clips
Illustrated instructions included
Detailed specification included

Not sure which rebuild kit is correct for your carburetor?
Use the "Search for your Rebuild Kit" search on the 2G Rebuild Kits main page, just enter in your 2G carburetor number.

Picture Information:
Picture showing rebuild kit components is an accurate representation of the style of gaskets and parts you will receive. However, there may be slight differences in materials due to parts availability. These differences will not affect performance of the rebuild kit.

Rochester 2G carburetor application:
CHEVROLET (8) 1970
CHEV/GMC TRUCK (8) 1969, 1970, 1971
JEEP (6, 8) 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971

Two Jet (2G) carburetors serviced with this rebuild kit:
7026082, 7026086, 7026089, 7027082, 7027089, 7028088, 7040101, 7040103, 7040105, 7040108, 7040110, 7040112, 7040125, 7040400, 7040401, 7040403, 7040405, 7040406, 7040407, 7040408, 7040410, 7040412, 7040425, 7041185, 7041186, 7041400, 7041768, 7041769, 7047002, 7047025, 7047028, 17054624, 17054658

Not sure where to find your carburetor number? Click here to read article on Carburetor Number Identification. 


Twojet Carburetor Rebuild Kit Instructions, Specifications, & How to Information:

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